Test Automation

Test Automation

Implementing Test Automation is easy! However, implementing Maintainable, Scalable and Efficient Test Automation needs a lot of effort!

Building Test Automation Framework is easy - to start with. But as the number of automated tests increase, it becomes increasingly complicated and painful to keep your Test Automation as performant.

There are many criteria you think about when building a Test Automation Framework. Over the years, I have come to realise these can be grouped as non-negotiable and negotiable criteria.

Based on your context, I will help you identify the Test Automation Pyramid that makes sense for your product, and create the right Test Automation Strategy, and help you build a Test Automation Framework. I will enable your team to understand the thought process, and mentor them to scale this framework to their needs.

Test Pyramid

In addition, I will work with you and setup a Test Automation Framework, that you will be able to enhance, scale and maintain as you progress.

Test Automation Framework Architecture